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Studio-Gallery Juergens in Wismar

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The Studio-Gallery

You love painting. Then let yourself be surprised.

The Studio-Gallery Juergens is located in the Hanseatic Town Wismar only 10 minutes walking distance from the market square.

Manfred W. Juergens, a representative of the New Realism, presents a selection of his paintings and allows a glimpse on projects in progress.

In a world full of overstatement, Juergens is searching for the concrete, for accuracy and unsparing clarity. Thus, painting far beyond fashion and trends.

Portraits of human and animals, still lifes and seascapes – deceptive beautiful and not seldom disturbing.

The Studio-Gallery Juergens is open daily from 2 to 7 pm after short notification by phone or email.

Would you like to see more, please visit the comprehensive

Website of the painter Manfred W. Juergens