Panel Painting · In Progress

Due to drying times, I am working on several paintings at the same time. A click on the circle lead to the formation of the painting.

Still Life with Trumpet Creeper

2018/19 · 31.5 x 31.5 cm · In Progress

The fallen blossom, beauty cut off from life. I am working on it.

Updated 19/05/2019

Still Life with Watermelon

2018/19 · 90 x 88 cm · In Progress

Cut a water melon may raise strange associations. The organic impression of the fruit flesh gave me the idea to use the melon as a metaphor for a brutal violation. I am working on it.

Updated 28/04/2019
Christian Redl, Portrait, Bildnis, Paintings Manfred W. Juergens

Portrait Christian Redl

2019 · 1.85 x 1.93 m · In Progress

Christian Redl is an actor and musician. Since years, I am listening to his music during painting and following his play on stage and in movies.

Updated 20/04/2019

Still Life with Dandelion II

2018/19· 31.5 x 31.5 cm · In Progress

Since my childhood dandelions are fascinating me. Blossom and decay are standing directly next to each other. The fading refers to the next spring. I am working on it.

Updated 01/03/2019

Portrait Goetz Barner

2014/19 · 1.30 x 0.95 · In Progress

Since years I am working on the portrait of the jewellery designer Goetz Barner, who is living in Hamburg St. Pauli. This spring I want to finish the portrait. I am working on it.

Updated 28/02/2019

Still Life with Onion

2018/19 · 48 x 53 cm · In Progress

The onion belongs into every kitchen. Sprouting she tries to return into life and becomes attractive by that. I am working on it.

Updated 28/01/2019

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